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Dangerous food combinations

Food is any substance that is or can be consumed by living organisms, especially by eating, in order to substain life. When taken through the mouth, it goes down to the digestive system, there it is being broken down into it's end product and serves its purpose (supply of energy). Despite this great work done by food it still has a detrimental effect if it is not properly combines. Every fruits or vegetables are good for you, you just need to know which ones you do not need to combine together. Many side effects can be provided if you consume food having different digestive rates this leads to poisoning. Poison as we all know is a substance that is harmful to living organisms, it can be drink, inhaled air, etc. But we will focus on poison through the combination of certain food. Below are some deadly combination we need to avoid.

1.) Banana and milk

This combination is one of the heaviest and toxin forming. It slows down your digestive system like nothing else. It is said to create heaviness in the body and slow down the mind. It generates a toxic substances that is the root cause of imbalance and diseases in the body. It also cause congestion, cold, cough, rashes and allergies. It creates a negative reaction in the body. So it is advisable you eat them separately with 20minutes interval so as to avoid being harmed.

2.) Yogurt with fruit

Ayurveda and food combining theory, don't advise mixing any sour fruits with dairy as it can diminish digestive fire, produce toxins, cold and allergies. This combination also slows down your digestive system and causes many problems for the intestinal flora.

3.) Meat and cheese

Meat gives protein same, with cheese. Which means both end products are amino acids. The body don't need too much protein because it does not have much functions in the body.

N/B: All kinds of fruits are rich in sugar that is very simple and easy to digest, which means it will not take long for your digestive system to process them.
Eating any fruit immediately after meal is quite dangerous. The above food combinations are highly dangerous please abstain from them.

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