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Secret about Avocado seed

You will never think of throwing Avocado seeds again after you know this.
Avocado a succulent fruit is highly consumed by people of all ages, it is also known as Alligator pear. It is made up of the covering, the flesh and the seed. Everyone consume the flesh (main fruit) because of all the nutrients in it. It is rich in vitamin, fat, water, mineral (iron, calcium), sugar and most importantly it gives energy. Avocado fruit is a primary ingredient in Avocado soup and the slices are frequently added to Hamburgers, hotdogs, it can also be combined with eggs (in scrambled eggs). All these and many more are Avocado benefits.
Have you ever asked, "is Avocado seed useful"? According to Wikipedia, a seed is an embryonic plant enclose in a protective outer covering. The formation of the seed is part of the process of reproduction in seed plants. Avocado seed is one useful thing most people don't know about. 85% of consumers of Avocado throw the seed away because they haven't found out it's main purpose.
This article will enlighten you on the usefulness of Avocado seed, so sit still and let your eyes and brain do the readings more carefully. Guess what? you can use it topically to treat skin problems and muscle and joint pains.
Avocado are recommended to be eaten frequently. They have amino acids in them but 70% of the amino acids found in the fruit is in its seed. Below we will teach you how to use Avocado seeds in order to get the most benefit out of them.

1.) It helps raise defenses and fight diseases: Diseases must affect humans no matter how healthy you are. When these diseases caused by microbes, fungus and parasites enter the human body, the immune system or white blood cell help to fight these diseases. The wonderful thing about these diseases is that they don't just attack, they hide themselves and replicate. When they are now more than the antibodies, they begin the attack in your body. The body responds back but needs an helping hand in tackling the diseases. The seed of Avocado plant is one of the agents that helps the white blood cell to multiple also and start fighting diseases.

2.) It serves as protein (due to its amino acid content): The most important aspect and defining characteristic of protein from nutritional standpoint is its amino acid composition. We have nine essential amino acids we all need or else we will suffer from protein energy malnutrition and resulting death. Protein is needed for growth and maintenance in the body. It also help build up dead cell. Protein (amino acid) acts as co-enzymes, hormone and immune response.

Hint: When sick, it is recommended you consume food having much protein nutrient because it helps build up the dead white blood cell.

3.) Fat burner: Many people don't know the major causes of fat that's why they keep on getting fatter. Consuming lot of carbohydrates is one reason people get fat. When there is lot of glucose or sugar (end product of carbohydrates) in our body, the pancreas helps by secreting a hormone called "insulin". This hormone converts sugar into fats. So for you to avoid bring fat, limit your consumption of carbohydrates. If you are already fat, then Avocado seeds help to burn fat as fast as possible.

4.) Digestive Remedies: Dysentery is a disease characterised by inflammation of the intestines, especially the colon accompanied by pus in the faeces, fever, pain in the abdomen. Dysentery is one serious problem and often causes diarrhea. Once we have a disorder in our digestive tract, then there is no point of eating, and when we don't eat, the result is death. Avocado seed helps to treat both dysentery and diarrhea.

5.) Rich source of Potassium: Discoveries have it that Avocado seed is very high in Potassium. However, the level of Potassium declines as the fruit matures. Thus, if you seek Avocado seed for its Potassium, use fruits that are not yet ripe. Some people don't know what Potassium does to the body. Diets low in Potassium can lead to hypertension and hypokalemia. There are many symptoms of hypokalemia which includes tiredness, constipation and abnormal heart rhythm. Potassium is also essential for many body functions including muscle and nerve activity.

6.) It prevents epilepsy

7.) Prevents tumor growth

8.) It prevents cardiovascular diseases

9.) It is an antioxidant

These are some major things Avocado seed does to our body. Do not eat the seed as an apple. You have to take some steps to prepare the seed. Below are the steps.

*     Remove the fine layer of brown skin
**   Chop the seed into small pieces and blend
***  Brown it in low heat (optional)
Some Applications
1.) Crush them and mix with alcohol and let the mixture soak for at least a week. Use this alcohol for massages and rubs, in case of joint and muscle pains
2.) Use it as a garnish in soups, stews, salads etc.
3.) Grounded Avocado seeds mixed with cheese and flour are used for mouse poison.
Warning!!! Abusing Avocado seeds can cause constipation due to its tannin content.

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