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Effects of eating late that will make you scared

Effects of Eating Late at Night that will make you scared

Late eating is a situation in which food are being taken after the usual or expected time. Some people find  pleasure in eating after its 8pm or even 9pm, little do they know it has an effect that can be termed "Grave Digger".
This article will focus on the effects or outcome when we take in food late at night. Listed below are the detrimental effects

1. It increases the risk of a Heart Attack: Heart ♥ Attack also know as Myocardial Infraction occurs when blood flows decreases or stops to a part of the heart. It is caused by Coronary Artery Disease. It has been discovered that dinner after 8pm could increase the risk of suffering a heart attack.

2. It increases the risk of Diabetes and Weight  Gain: Have you  even wondered why some people suffer from diabetes despite consuming less sugar?  If no then this calls for you to think. When you eat late at night, it raises glucose and insulin level both of which are causes of type 2 diabetes. Also eating late at night and sleeping immediately after eating slows down the rate of metabolism.

3. Eating late at night can cause ACID REFLUX: This is the most dangerous part of late eating. What is Reflux? This is a long term condition where stomach contents come back to the oesophagus. When you dine late, your stomach takes a few hours to empty out after a big meal, but if you lie down immediately you finish eating, acid from your stomach can leak upwards into your oesophagus. Some of the symptoms of reflux are chest pain, heart burn, taste of acid etc. 

All these and more are effect of late eating that can cause a detrimental effects on your health. So it's is advisable you eat early to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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