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Negative effects of cell phones

Bad news for those of us that sleep will our cell phones next to us. A phone is a device for transmittimg conversation and other sounds in real time across distances. But our modern cell phones not only receive calls but does other things such as serving as a medium for playing games, as a calculator, etc. People so value their phone to the extent of using it as a pet. Which means they are always attached to the phone. Sleeping with a cell phone could be hazardous to your health, it may be underneath your pillow or next to your head, all these are dangerous.
So what exactly happens when we sleep with our cell phone? Cell phones emit radio frequency (RF) energy when they send and receive information. The wave have high energy, and even at low intensities can damage fragile biological molecules. Radio waves from your phone can affect your eyes and also when the radio waves pass through biological tissue, they create a small amount of heat. A microwave oven has a power level of about 1000 Watts while a digital cell phone radiates under 3watts of power, with a good fraction of this energy going through your body. Imagine when you receive about 15 phone calls in a day excluding text message, with your phone next to you. That will be 45 Watts acquired in the body. Please note that kids are at greater risk than adults because their brains are so much smaller and less developed.
 List of effects when you sleep with your phone close to you include:

1.) Brain tumours
2.) Low sperm count for men (This will happen when your phone is in your thigh pocket)
3.) Early morning headaches
4.) Cancer

A way to avoid all these is to sleep with your cellphone at least arm's length away from your body.

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